Friday, August 13, 2010

So God.

So, God.

I've been in a very challenging professional situation. My manager is months away from retirement, but has already checked out. Seriously, two hour lunches, an hour break in the morning and afternoon if she can sneak it in. She's had some challenges and stressful situations, which she's managed to take out on me. Yelling and lots of "counseling" have happened although I've done nothing but complete my tasks and be professional.

So, God!

A few weeks ago I hit critical mass. I just couldn't deal with it anymore, and I had run out of ideas. There were no jobs I could apply for that I could get a call back for; I was a victim of the economy.

So God.

I gave it over. I was driving along my commute to pick up the kiddo when I just said, "Alright, God. This is yours. I've done everything I know to do. This project is yours." Twenty seconds later, I got an email.

"Whats your status? Are you in the market?"

A job found me.

So, God, thank you.

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