Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Come to China and eat American food.

In the past three days, we've had chinese food exactly zero times. Thats right.

I have picky eaters in my household, so every now and again I humor them into thinking they have control over what we're eating. This time they got the jump on me.

We've had Pizza Hut twice. It doesn't help my cause that they are literally right downstairs from our apartment.
We've had McDonald's once for lunch. This city has McD's everywhere. I'll admit it was a reward for good behavior, but still! :P
Today for lunch we're heading to a cute little hole in the wall place that reminds me ALOT of any boutique restaurant in Austin, only without the live music. Its called the "American Cafe". Seriously.

I've really enjoyed having my own kitchen, even though its miniature sized (I'll post pictures soon, I promise!). Its been great to be able to eat in most evenings and not have to wait for food or worry about what we just ordered. But instead of letting me try out new foods/dishes, I'm making familiar things. I'm hoping to change this in a few weeks as we get more adjusted and more familiar with things here. Two nights ago, I made steak, asparagus, and rice for dinner. It was a huge hit, and the local farmers market didn't let me down the some of the best asparagus we've ever had. I figured out the rice maker (don't laugh) in our kitchen, and the steak was easy to cook.

Tonight, we're going out, and I'm making sure Cat comes with us so we can go where we want and try new things without fear for what we just ordered. LOL We're going native tonight for dinner, I'll let you know how it goes.

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digression said...

The title of this post would make a great title if Jon did his own blog of his experiences in China. ;)