Saturday, July 02, 2011


Last night we went to see Kung * Fu * Panda * 2. We were lucky enough to have some of Jon's co-workers that knew Chinese and knew we had a kid, find a theater that was playing the English version. It was equal to about $15US, which is alot more than we usually pay to see a movie.

The movie was worth seeing, but what played out more was the warning about not going into public bathrooms unless absolutely necessary. Connor decided he really had to go potty, and out of 15 stalls in the ladies room, there were three working, all without doors and each of those had lines that were 10 people deep. The bathroom wasn't clean by any means. When I sent him to the bathroom with one of the guys so that hopefully he could go potty before he had an accident, they quickly came back letting me know that all the stalls in the mens room were locked. So back we went into the ladies room, where we dealt with the grossness that was in there and quickly went.

That was certainly the grossest I'd ever seen a public rest room.

We went to the movie and had a great time. The movie was worth seeing, and we saw it in 3D! What was even more awesome was that Connor decided to keep his glasses on the whole time instead of chucking them across the theater like he did last time.

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Lara said...


I'm with you on the bathrooms, for sure.

I saw "The Karate Kid" one night in Guangzhou; the next day I asked my colleagues from Hong Kong how it feels to watch Jackie Chan speaking English with Mandarin subtitles. Their reply: "We're used to it. Rush Hour was the best movie ever".