Saturday, June 18, 2011

Elbows and Knees

I love my son.

He's one constant growth spurt that once or twice a year goes into a major growth spurt. The first thing I'll notice is a change in attitude followed by a lack of coordination. Or, "elbows and knees". He's all sharp angles and doesn't know how to handle it. Last time, he grew an inch in two weeks.

We're at that now.

We're also a week and a half into our Chinese adventure, which is traditionally when his brain realizes that we're not going to where he used to think of "home" and is starting to adjust to a new "home".

Needless to say we're experiencing transition issues and growth spurt issues at the same time. Exhaustion, crankiness, sass mouth, aches, pains, and mourning what he just left.

So naps are twice as long as normal (yay!) and attitude is at "super cranky" (boo!).

I found some Lavender Jonson's Baby Bath, which always helps soothe him. He just went down for a nap, and I'm hoping this is a nice, long one.

I'm pulling out all the stops in my bag of tricks today.

We're having dinner with hubby's boss tonight. This could be good ... or bad.

I'm hoping for smooth sailing and not elbows and knees.

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Ann S. said...

All right. I just found your blog. Brain cells are in short supply here. Anyway, so glad to catch up on the travels and trevails of China. Keep posting and give C a squeeze for us.