Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Farmers Market

Today we walked Jon to work. He's got an easy commute. Its a 5 block walk.

We continued walking on after dropping Daddy off and giving him a giant hug goodbye. We passed a park, stores, more office buildings. We hung a right on a side street and went past a local kindergarten. Its a bright blue building with a good size court yard for the kids to play in. On we went to the Bakery, where we picked up some cookies, cakes and banana bread. I don't speak more than two or three Mandarin words, but I can point and get my point across as I need to. :)

After the yummy Bakery, we headed to the Farmer's Market. Table after table of all kinds of fruits and vegetables and candy and meats. The sights and sounds were overwhelming for the kiddo. He didn't let go of my hand the entire time. We saw cabbages, bananas, beans of all shapes and lengths. Tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon. We saw fresh shrimp, caught just this morning, chicken that was freshly butchered (thankfully we didn't see any of that happen in front of us.) We saw a vendor making fresh egg noodles and other vendors selling packaged candy. We walked around for about 10 minutes before choosing our bananas. By the time we found our bananas, Connor was no longer in sensory overload and we had a great discussion about what fruits, vegetables and animals we were seeing.

We put those in our shopping bag with our already purchased bakery goods and headed back to the apartment.

It took a little bit to get back to the place and we were both glad to be able to put our purchases away and watch a documentary on deep sea fish via Net*flix.

We throughly enjoyed the cookies while watching the show.

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