Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jet Lag

I'm good with jet lag. I know it, embrace it, and sleep through it. Within about 48 hours, I'm good to go.

My husband, it hits him a few days later.

My son is a typical kid who will go until his body stops and shuts down.

Last night we experienced this first hand, and it was pretty amazing to witness.

He fell asleep for a nap around 4:30 after getting up earlier than the sun and when it was time go to out to dinner with friends, he could not be woken up to save his life. He sleep walked through getting in the cab and then promptly fell back asleep.

We made it to this really nice, authentic German restaurant where he proceeded to sleep on my husband throughout dinner. Slept through loud conversations and the band getting ready to play. Anyone who knows my son, knows that he would be trying to crawl under our collective skin to get away from such a loud sound. He slept through it all. Hubby's pants were soaked with poor little man's drool. LOL We finished dinner and moved outside where he continued to sleep. It was breezy and cool and every now and again, he'd wake up just enough to look around, take a sip of apple juice or a bite of the Bavarian pretzel we got him, and back to sleep he went.

About half way through our outdoor time, he woke up and just wanted to hang out. So he drank his juice and ate more pretzels.

We got home around 10PM local time, he stayed up for another 30 minutes winding down, and he went right to bed. And slept until the glorious hour of 7:15. This is amazing. Usually he's up with the sun. Which, right now? The sun is up at 4:30 here in our part of the world. So yes, we're very grateful, and now confident that he, too, has kicked the nasty Jet Lag to the curb.

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