Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stares ...

Its funny, we were prepared for the stares of being so obviously foreign here in China.

Our son, however, was not.

He is mighty uncomfortable at the incredibly bold and rude stares he has been getting. Now, granted, he's a gorgeous kid, and thats not me being biased. Its just part of being a stranger in a strange land. But yesterday he got so uncomfortable with the stares that he told some people in McDonald's to stop staring at him.

That just made them look harder, so we left.

I feel bad that he doesn't understand all this quite yet. But what I am grateful for is that he now gets it when we tell him to stop staring at people.

So I guess we're making progress.


Melissa B. said...

We experienced something like that on the plane from Vlad to Moscow. An elderly Asian lady literally stared at us all but about an hour of the 8+ hour flight. It really got to Iliya (having to work to keep Max happy, I wasn't altogether comfortable with it, either, to be honest) an we really had to work to keep him from getting really agitated under her state. Connor will get used to it I bet! Guess he will have to, huh? :)

Nickname unavailable said...

You will grow used to it. I found that if I just looked right back and gave them the biggest smile I could muster they would in turn smile back. Yes... they would continue to stare, but it took a bit of the creepiness out of it. Stareing in China isn't really considered rude, much like spitting and hocking loogies ;)