Friday, June 03, 2011

We're moving.


We've done alot of moving in the past few years. All of them awesome, amazing adventures. We're about to embark on one of hte scariest, exciting, pivitol of all.

We're moving to China.

I'll let that sink in. I'm still working on letting it sink into my brain, and we leave in 5 days.

We'll spend the next 4-5ish months over in China (maybe longer) and then head to Los Angeles when we return to the states.

Today is my lsat day at work at a job I've really enjoyed. Today is the kiddo's last day of school. The storage units show up at the house today.

The packers come tomorrow. We move in with my Dad tomorrow.

The loaders come Monday.

We leave Tuesday.

We have an adventure in front of us, thats for sure. The pets have been distributed to their new homes. All our ducks are in a row.

Follow along on the adventure!

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