Sunday, June 05, 2011

Baby Steps

The guys came and packed the house in almost record time yesterday. They showed up at 10 and were done by 3:30. The last time we had people pack us, it took them three days. Makes me wonder what, exactly they did for those three days.

The day was gorgeous, and I was able to spread a blanket out on the grass in the front yard and enjoy the sun and just hang out. Until they disconnect the internet. LOL I knew it was an accident but it was funny to be surfing along one minute and the next everything went blank! Thank goodness we got it turned back on.

My sister came to help and we ended up keeping my sanity in check. Usually at this time during the move, my only job is crisis management. This time, everything is just falling into place. Very different, but wonderful experience, I must say. :)

We're here at my Dad's house because all our stuff is packed. We're living out of one suitcase ... but we're doing fine.

We have a day off today, so I'm really hoping to not do much of anything. I really need a down day. The next week is going to be unlike anything any of us has experienced. I really don't want to borrow stress from the future. I just want to enjoy today for what it is. Beautiful and restful.

Tomorrow the loaders come back and load up the storage units. The trash guys are coming tomorrow, too. We're getting rid of our old mattresses and a broken couch in addition to some other stuff.

I'm not thinking beyond Monday at the moment. China will come soon enough.

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