Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our 4th of July was non-existant this year, for obvious reasons.

However, at least 4 times each week, we are privy to a monster display of pyrotechnics courtesy of whomever is getting married or celebrating a significant event in our vicinity. It doesn't appear that you need a permit to set off fireworks, it seems as if anyone can do it. They explode them close to the ground ... they never seem to get up to the 23rd floor (where we are). So we get to look down on them from our room.

Last night, we had just finished tucking the little man in bed when a gigantic display of fireworks started. Red, green and a few purple ones. Giant, small and LOUD! This must have gone on for at least 15 minutes. Little man? Slept through it all. They were bright, shiny, and awesome! Who needs fireworks once a year? I say lets go to an all year round celebration!

Its 11 hours later, actually, and he's still sleeping. He's had a busy weekend, and I'm glad that he's taking advantage of being able to get some additional sleep.

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