Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Its not the most glamourous topic, but to me, after the past several weeks, it is. We have hit the sweet spot in our adventure here and its name is Normalcy.

Normalcy for us is defined by an established routine, a sense of peace, and our little man being in his happy place.

A normal day for us is hanging out in the morning, having a lunch in or out and then getting together with friends for a play date. The past week has seen us return to Normalcy, and how sweet it is.

The bad behavior, back-talking little guy has fallen away and we're experiencing the Connor of old, the typical five year old who loves to play with kids and is gentle with those younger with him. The kid who says "please" and "thank you" with little reminder and loves to burn off energy any way he can.

I'm grateful my happy kid is back. We've missed him.


Corey said...

Understood -- and have this spare hug I found hiding under the sofa!

Ann S. said...

So glad. Routine is everything.