Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Pied Piper of Shopping

I went shopping this evening to see what I could see.

I mostly looked at shoes and realized I was being watched. This is not an odd occurrence, however, what happened next was.

As I went from store to store from shoe rack to shoes rack I realized I was not just being watched, I was being followed by a group of women. Women of all ages. One would join, another would peel away from the group. I had a steady group of about 10 people, no one staying more than 15 minutes.

Each shoe I touched was touched by someone in this pack. Several shoes were bought because I touched them.

Me, I just went on about my merry business of shoe shopping and ended up scoring some killer boots on a massive sale.

None of the women ever talked to me.

Welcome to China, where being a westerner is really odd.

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