Sunday, July 03, 2011

Room with a View

So here are some of the photos I've promised!

We're on the 23rd floor of a hotel in the middle of the city. Today was the clearest day we've experienced. This is a very polluted and smoggy city. Normally, we can see about 10 blocks (barely) in any direction. Today and tonight? We're looking a mile or so out. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures from our bedroom windows.

We have two windows in our bedroom looking out over the city. I'll take pictures and post those separately.

That is a huge intersection. We're 23 floors up in the air. Crossing this street is a feat of bravery that is unparalleled.

The building under construction has been abandoned for a year or so. It was recently bought by a company that has promised to finish it. So far you only see security guards standing at the door of the finished, but empty, lobby.

The parking lot is interesting. Its a very good predictor of the weather. It turns into a giant puddle when it rains!

This view is out of the other side of our suite. Take a look at the shopping center on the right of the picture. Yea. Fendi. Prada. And on, and on, and on. Right now, I'm grateful for the insane tax on luxury goods because it makes it more expensive to buy these luxury items here than back in the States.

This is a great view. You can see for miles. Even looking from this height you think the city goes on for miles and miles and miles. It does. Its huge.

Overall impressions and feelings. I like it here. I'm glad we're here.

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Preema said...

Great views! It's nice that you're liking it there. Enjoy your adventure missy!