Thursday, November 01, 2007

The price of Teeth

The cost of going to a sucky dentist in the former town that wasn't about being proactive?

Me: $1400
DH: $3500

Connor smiled and waived on command but wouldn't show teeth. Back in another six months to see if we can pry some xrays out of him. I think we may have to sedate him. LOL

Our wallet is devistated for the moment. *sigh*

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espe said...

Hi again! I know what you mean in terms of dental 2.5yo dd fell on her mouth in July and cut her inner lip so badly that my Pediatrian recommend we see a pediatric dentist. Well I don't know what shock me more the bill or the fact that she recommended that my daughter have surgery to cut some muscle in her upper mouth that would correct the gap between her baby teeth! Needless to say we're still recovering emotionally and financially!