Friday, June 10, 2011

Ah, sleep.

What a difference a great nights sleep and a couple of showers makes. Seriously, we got here, and almost raced each other to get in the shower and get clean. I had forgotten what, exactly, traveling in the middle of summer meant. Hot, sticky, sweaty, gross.

Jon, Connor and I spent the morning being taken from the hotel to the apartment where we'll be living to the grocery store and then back to the apartment. Connor is content this afternoon to just play with his Legos and listen to the Discovery Channel. He's adapted much more quickly than I thought he would. Yesterday we were crazy with the exhaustion and heat. He was shy and squirrely. Today he's actually impressed some of Jon's co-workers with his behavior and manners at breakfast.

Its so good to finally be in the apartment. I cannot tell you how good it feels. We'll keep tweaking our routine here and there until we find our rhythm. Right now I'm trying to keep Connor's world fairly small, and it seems to be working. Today, he has interacted with everyone thats come across his path. That is a huge step forward from where he was even six months ago. I'll try to expand things a little at a time, and that should work out fine. My task for this weekend is to try to find a park where he can run off some of this energy.

There is so much construction here. As we were driving into the city from Beijing, we saw apartment buildings being built. Not just one, two, ten. At least 50, and probably more than that. Each building had a huge crane coming out of the top of it. All were within approximately the same amount of completion.

I know I mentioned yesterday about the traffic and the pedestrians. Wow. The way they thread themselves (both cars, people AND bikes) is just incredible. Its watching this dance of all of these things as they try to get from point A to point B while trying to avoid getting hit. People here are absolutely fearless.

The people we have met have been beyond kind and amazingly generous. We're looking forward to exploring our new part of the world once we get settled in and adjusted.

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deanna said...

Hi Bethany!!!
I am so excited for you guys this is just going to be an amazing time.

I had to laugh when you spoke of traffic rules being "suggestions!" Isn't that the truth!!! You will be surprised at yourself too on how brave you become as a pedestrian.;-)

Glad to hear that you are finding your rhythm. We found the jet lag not so bad on the way (from West to East), the jet lag hit David much harder than Ella and I when we came home though (just something to think about for the future).

Most everyone we ran into or met in China were so friendly. Most want to speak English and practice their English with you, who knows you maybe able to learn a bit of Mandarin too.:-)

Oh and yes, the Beijing airport is amazing isn't it!!!

So, now that my "comment" has become a book I will stop there.:-)

Get some rest and enjoy the adventure that is ahead of you!!!