Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Place: Connor's Room

Our apartment here in Tianjin is incredible by local standards. We have two bedrooms, one and a half baths, a full (albeit tiny) kitchen, and a living room.

Connor's room has a desk and chair, a TV, an armoire, a couple of night stands and his very own king size bed. He has a twin size bed in storage. That twin size bed had every inch traveled over it every single night ... at least two or three times. He's a kid that moves all over his bed all night long. Now he gets to travel all over his king size bed. He only does one lap around the bed, though.

We've found a spot for his Le*go's. His shoes, clothes, and even toys.

You'll notice that we brought along some creature comforts from home. We brought two blankets and his towel. He hasn't had any trouble going to bed ... even the first night. He saw those blankets and he knew he was going to be fine. And as soon as the towel came out, he wanted to take a bath.

Small things are making a huge difference for us.

Mommy might have forgotten her deoderant but we did not forget the little things that are making this transition smooth.

You'll notice the doorways. The one on the right goes to the kitchen. The one on the left goes to the living room. We're very grateful that he's such a heavy sleeper otherwise we wouldn't be able to raid the kitchen once he goes down for the night. :)

He chose four of his favorite stuffed animals to bring on the adventure with him, and those stay in or around the bed.

During the day he has the option of taking a nap or playing quietly. The king size bed allows him to have his quiet play and fall asleep with no problems. Yesterday, he had Le*gos taking up 3/4 of the bed.

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