Saturday, September 24, 2011


We're back in the US. Its been a while since I posted because we've been so busy with settling in, finding our new house, Connor starting school, unpacking, and find a job for me.

Its been a stress-filled epic adventure that started months ago when we left Boston.

We almost stayed in China for the year. Almost. Then it became obvious that was not the right decision for our family. Very obvious. I pushed to stay, but we just couldn't make it happen. We packed up our 5 suitcases, got on a plane, and headed to Los Angeles. It took us nearly three weeks to find a house to rent. The day we moved into the house, Connor started school. Then we got our kitty back, then our stuff arrived.

The whole time I was looking for a job.

I looked and looked. I must have applied to over 100 jobs. I went into my "the economy sucks, there's nothing out there, I'm never going to find anything" phase. My restrictions are strict as far as commuting distance. 10 miles or 20 minutes. Family friendly. With Jon traveling, I needed to find a company that was going to allow me to be primary on the kiddo and not give me a hard time.

Then, the phone started to ring. And ring. And ring.

Within a two week span of time, I got two offers and two second interviews. After thinking on all of the opportunities, I decided to take the job that combined all my skills and was going to be a challenge. It also made me a manager.

I just completed my first week of work. My stress level has greatly decreased from what it was.

So this brings me to the title of my post. Trust.

I was wanting to direct this adventure of ours. I didn't want to trust that the right thing would happen. I wanted to make the decisions.

I trusted when I quit my job in Boston that things would be OK.

And they are. It just took me a while to realize that they would be.

Things started turning around when I gave everything up to God. "Let go, and let God." It only took me a moment to do it, but it took me days to believe it. The moment I believed it, the phone rang with a job interview.

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