Friday, May 11, 2012

That Day.

Well, That Day finally happened.

Kiddo came home from school with his first "family origin" homework assignment. Only this time, it was given with a twist. The teacher read Jamie Lee Curtis' book about the night her daughter (adopted) was born. The teacher then turned around and asked for the parents to write about the night their child was born.

I initially thought about looking in my blog archives and writing about what we were doing the night he was born and then looking up about what happened in the city kiddo was born in on the same night. That particular avenue just seemed too contrived and architected.

We've discussed adoption (both in general and his, specifically) with him, but I just didn't feel like speculating on something that for all of us is truly an unknown and in this situation, extremely personal and private. I don't feel like I'm hiding something from him. I feel like I'm saving information that could be the most personal of all for him.

I switched up the assignment a tad and sent in the following. What are your thoughts?

What Happened the Night I was Born ...
My First Night With My Mommy and Daddy ...
The first night with my Mommy and Daddy was a very special one. My Mommy and Daddy had just flown on an airplane all the way from Boston, Massachusetts to visit me at my baby hospital in Russia. They drove for four hours once the plane landed, so by the time they got! to me, they were pretty stinky but they looked so happy 
The nurses at the baby hospital couldn’t speak English but were so proud that they could hand me to my Mommy with a new (my first!) haircut. It was much shorter than when they saw me last time, during their first trip, that they almost didn’t recognize what a big boy I’d become!
I was really confused at first but in no time I was hanging out with them and rolling the ball back and forth to Mommy and Daddy like a champ!! I really enjoyed the inflatable ball that they brought with them and thought the colors on them were very interesting. Although, truthfully, my favorite thing they brought with them was their suitcase. I loved to feel the texture of the fabric with my hands. I’d never felt anything like it before. I was fascinated!
Mommy and Daddy were in a room at the baby hospital that was reserved just for this reason. For future families to visit with each other. There was a crib for me to sleep in and a small bed for Mommy and a small bed for Daddy. 
By the time bedtime came around I was really sleepy. Mommy and Daddy changed me into the PJ’s they had brought with them and put me in my crib. I was starting to remember these people ... 
... I reached through the bars of the crib and took hold of my Daddy’s hand. My Daddy thought that was the most special thing I did the entire trip. 
I drifted off to sleep with the wind singing to us from the other side of the windows. 
In the middle of the night, the nurses came and got me to feed me. I was so hungry, that I ate it all up! When they were done, the put me back into my crib and I slept right through the night. 
In the morning, the first thing I did when I woke up was to reach back through the bars to hold my Daddy’s fingers. It was so good to see him. He picked me right up and started talking to me about what a good sleep we all had!

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Ann S. said...

I love it. It's his story, told from his perspective with his reactions. Love it.