Saturday, June 02, 2012

Grow Where You Are Planted

The past few years have been years of huge, monumental, epic (did I mention significant?) change for my family and I. Since 2005, we've moved seven times. Our son has had seven different bedrooms that he's slept in. He's only six.

We've been moving around for hubby's job. He's been climbing the ladder in his industry for the past few years, and we've been proud to be able to enable him to do so. However. The time has come. And let me tell you the kind of message that has been thrown my way recently. Its a doozy.

I listened to the radio one morning and I heard a DJ say "Grow where you're planted." Huh. Food for thought, I think to myself. I'm in the grocery store and I overhear two women discussing "Grow where you're planted." They had an entire conversation about it. TV is having a recurring theme, too! One of the garden channels had a show based around plants and how they "Grow where they're planted."

See the theme?

Yea, there it was knocking me over the head. There were about four other instances of that one phrase coming to my ears over and over again. I smiled each time, but each time it went deeper and deeper into my brain.

You see, each time there has been a great career upheaval in our household, the end result has been to move. Whether purposefully or not, we've moved. The reasons are varied or the same, but we move.

This time, we've had the biggest and I do mean BIGGEST career upheaval to date. Both of us have been laid off in the past three months. (Hubby has since found a contract. And I am working my network and starting to get some traction with my own search.) But the incredible thing about this job search for both of us is that we don't have to look outside the immediate area to find work. We've been able to find local things that will allow our careers to grow into the next phase of whatever they are supposed to be.

However, the time has come. Grow where we are planted. Ok, then. We get it. I get it. The kiddo? He wants to continue karate at the same dojo. See the same kids at school in the fall.

Got it. We're planted.

Let's grow!

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